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Revolutise way to take time attendance of staff who always on the go

Taking Time Attendance of Construction workers is different from normal working staff as the construction workers are always on the go. They ca be at different locations and those locations might not have any power source or TCP/IP Connection. Hence to revolutise the way of Time Attendance taking for construction workers, we have come up with a solution of combining ACTAtekTM Mobile Kit with V220. ACTAtekTM Mobile Kit is IP-67 rated, able to withstand shock. It is ideal for construction site, due to the rough nature of the surroundings. With the integration of V220, the Time Attendance taken would be sent real-time via GSM Network to a Centralized System or Server inside the office. Once the attendance has been collected, the Human Resource Manager would be able to generate Attendance/Daily report or Payslip (via Payroll System) without any delay.